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Wosperformance Starter Motors

WOSP High Torque Gear Reduction starter motors are modern gear reduction units which have been modified to suit older vehicle applications including high compression race engines. All starter motors are 100% brand new and built to the highest standards to withstand the rigours of all forms of Motorsport. The majority of our units are based on a high power 1.4kW Denso high torque starter motor which we modify to suit each application and individual requirement.

The main advantages of fitting a Gear Reduction Starter are weight and space saving, improved performance and a reduced current draw on the battery:

·         Increased Torque when compared with the original starter..

·         Draws less current than an original starter, increasing battery life etc.

·         Weight reduction of up to 50% over original starters. Also allows for smaller batteries to be used and saving more weight

·         Most starters can be mounted in multiple positions to clear exhaust headers & chassis frames etc.

·         Increased durability & reliability due to use of modern materials and components.


We also offer a bespoke service where a starter can be built to suit almost any application, please contact us for details.

All starters are 100% brand new and come with a full manufacturer warranty.

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